The Audacity of Big Tech - The Irreparable Failures of Surveillance Capitalism

This post confronts the intolerable misconduct of Big Tech companies like Microsoft and Google, highlighting their recent failures in data protection and privacy. Drawing upon the ethos of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS), the article calls for an active rejection of these guardians of surveillance capitalism. It also lays down a challenge to elected officials, urging them to act decisively to protect individual liberties and uphold the principles of a free society.

Let’s talk about reddit’s new API pricing

Let's talk about reddit's new API pricing
Oh reddit, how did a cute little alien get reduced to this?
This article discusses the recent significant changes to Reddit's API pricing and their impact on popular third-party applications. It highlights the challenges faced by developers, particularly Christian Selig of Apollo, and examines the broader implications for content moderation and NSFW content. The article also presents the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy and Lemmy, a decentralized alternative to social aggregation platforms, as potential solutions to Reddit's current issues.