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Hello, fellow privacy aficionados and Linux lovers! We’re stoked that you’re enjoying our blog – or at least, we hope you are. If you’ve been nodding along to our articles on the joys of privacy, the freedom of FOSS, and the undisputed awesomeness of Linux, you might be wondering how to ensure you never miss another post. Fear not, dear reader, we’ve got you covered: say hello to our friend, the RSS Feed!

A Little ‘Riddle’: What’s RSS?

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck is RSS?” Don’t worry, it’s not a secret code or a cult we’re inviting you in.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary, depending on who you ask. This technology is like a personalized news delivery service, bringing you freshly baked web content right out of the oven. It’s like having a diligent butler who collects all the news you care about and neatly places it on a silver tray (digital, of course), saving you the time of visiting each website individually. Plus, it gives a high-five to your privacy!

How to Sign up for Our RSS Feed: As Easy as Pie

So, how do you go about signing up for our RSS Feed? Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be feasting on our articles faster than I can say, “Privacy, FOSS, and Linux for the win!”

  1. Select an RSS Reader: Think of this as choosing a friendly pet. There are plenty of options out there, including Fluent Reader, Akregator, Harbor, Inoreader, and Feedly. Pick one that suits your style – a golden retriever or maybe a sassy cat?
  2. Add Our RSS Feed: This is like teaching your pet a new trick. Copy the link to our RSS feed, and paste it into your chosen reader. Voila, your pet now fetches the news!
  3. Confirm Your Subscription: This part’s easier than housetraining a puppy. Most readers will automatically confirm your subscription, but if not, follow the prompts.
  4. Enjoy Your News Butler: Now, whenever we publish a post, your new pet (aka RSS Reader) will fetch it for you. Awww, good reader!

Why RSS? Because Email is Sooo Last Decade (Plus, We Value Your Privacy)

Okay, you might be wondering why we’re all-in on RSS and giving email subscriptions the cold shoulder. It’s like this – we’re a blog that sings the praises of privacy, FOSS, and Linux. It just feels a bit hypocritical to then ask for your email, doesn’t it?

You see, I’m a bit of a privacy nut (as if writing a blog on privacy wasn’t a big enough hint), and the thought of collecting email addresses makes me cringe harder than when I have to provide tech support for my family members that still use Windows 😬.

Furthermore, it’s a FOSS-love thing. Many RSS readers are open-source projects, and we love to support our kin.

So that’s the scoop! Subscribing via RSS is like joining a secret club – only, not so secret. It’s easy, it respects your privacy, and it makes sure you never miss our delightful ramblings on privacy, FOSS, and Linux. Thank you for your support, and here’s to more tech-filled adventures!

Alterantive to RSS for our blog: nostr

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